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Lizard/Monitor keepers: Help needed on ID project.

Hi everyone,

My fiancee and I are consulting on an educational project for the NY State Department of Conservation to help officers correctly ID restricted species of reptiles. In NY State, "giant" constrictors like Burms and Retics and a few types of monitor lizard are restricted to permit-holders only. Beaded lizards and Gila monsters are also restricted, as are all reptiles "venomous by nature".

What we'd like to do is use photos of known captive animals to illustrate the differences between the restricted and unrestricted species. We also plan to include photos of the most commonly kept lizards (Blue Tongued Skink is an important example) to help officers know what they're looking at in the event of false reports.

And that's where we need help. We'd like to ask if anyone in the community keeping the following species would allow us to use a photo of your animals (with full credit to the photographer/keeper) in the presentation.

Komodo Dragon
Nile Monitor
Ornate Nile Monitor*
Croc Monitor
Blackthroat Monitor
Whitethroat Monitor
Ackie Monitor*
Savannah Monitor*

Blue Tongued Skink*
Bearded Dragon*
Green Iguana*

* Denotes unregulated species

We've not had much luck with free license sites yet, and thought it might work better to talk directly to keepers who are probably, like us, a little concerned with the state of reptile keeping legislation these days.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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