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About a month ago I rescued a baby snake, from a single parent and young child. Parent bought the snake about 2-3 months ago. Snake was mishandled, and a bit snappy with the kid; kid lost interest with the snake as well. She was last fed by the parent the night I picked it up. Its a itty bitty amel. I tried to feed her about a week and a half ago, giving her time to settle in, left the pinkie in over night and she didn't touch it. Trying again tonight, and will also leave it in over night again. How long should I wait before I try again if she doesn't eat it? She has shed in the month that I have had her, pottyed an drank, and is active.

It's not my first corn snake, and I know they are well know for their voracious appetites. I have an older corn, had him for almost 10 years now, and he has never refused to eat for me.
Tags: feeding, snake
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