no thank you (cailin_t) wrote in herpers,
no thank you

severely malnourished/weak bearded dragon

Okay, so I was getting my hair dyed today and my stylist starts talking to someone about this lizard her friend dropped off at her house that she's supposed to take care of but it doesn't want to eat, blah blah. Long story short, I went to her house with her to take a look at it.

So it's an adult bearded dragon. It has zero energy, can barely keep its eyes open, and is emaciated, bones sticking out all over the place. The end of the tail clearly froze off at some point. They had it on sand with a very small heat lamp on one end of the tank, and that's it. I already set it up with a better heat lamp and a UV bulb and a log to climb on (it actually did manage to climb the thing immediately to get closer to the heat). I'm going to pick up a thermometer and repti-carpet, but I've never dealt with an emaciated lizard before. I have five snakes; they're more my thing (and any healthy reptiles aren't an issue, but I've never dealt with a very ill one!).

Apparently, she got it to eat a bunch of vegetables but it won't eat live crickets (no kidding, it can barely move), but I'm going to bring her dead crickets and I guess wax and mealworms tomorrow, maybe commercial beardie food as well. For now, I bought this high calorie supplemental goo from ZooMed and fed him with that.

What else should be done? This is a very, very sad, unhealthy animal. And no, no one's going to take her to the vet, so that's out. I don't have the money or I'd offer, and my stylist is already paying for all the upgrades to the tank, and clearly, the owner doesn't give a crap - I'm just asking if there's anything else to do...
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