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my snake ate! :D

Apparently the key to the KSB eating is a live fuzzy, lights off and me gone to get her to eat. I do NOT like feeding live, and I don't intend to keep on doing it, but she hadn't eaten since christmas and refused all sorts of sizes and variations. I tried fresh killed and it didn't work- this was the last resort. I mentioned to a reptile guy my woes with the snake feeding and he mentioned they had an adult KSB who was finicky as well- live prey, dark room, and no one near was the only way he'd eat. My plan is to get her eating with lights on and me in room, then switching to FK, then F/T, hopefully before she gets big and more set in her ways. She's shed four times since christmas which is impressive because she wasn't eating. She still likes to climb on whatever I put in there for her- I've seen her curled up on top of the deli cup a few times, and still sweet and mild mannered.

[Snake! She's not much longer, but she's gotten bulkier]

[snake... snake what are you doing?]

I've also decided it's dangerous for me to volunteer with a reptile group. I was handling one of their kingsnakes... now I'm looking at kingsnakes. I don't have the room for a kingsnake. But he was a cutie! So sweet too. I hadn't handled one before and I didn't realize how inquisitive they are, or at least, that one very, very curious.
[oh hai thar]

They also had a gorgeous black pine that I got to hold, but didn't take pictures off. I was warned that he can be a little cranky at times and go from 'I'm ok' to 'FUCK OFF' really quickly. I took him out and handled him away from kids for a few and got the OK to sit down with his head FARRR away from kids. Sat down, he hissed, so got right back up and put him away. Gorgeous, gorgeous snake though.
They also had an alligator who spent the majority of the time crashed out on whoever was holding him. I know their not snuggly and it's more 'warmmmm' rather then affection, but sometimes he'd rest his head in the crook of my arm and it was like D'AWWWWWWWW.
[Al the Alligator]

they also had an adult male KSB and omg, he's huge. I didn't know the males could get that big.
[big boy!]
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