Every Single Kind of Hero (mazz) wrote in herpers,
Every Single Kind of Hero

Beardie lady to move in with me soon.

So... a friend of mine snagged a job that puts her on the road for sometimes weeks on end. She went to go rehome her Bearded Dragon girlie that she raised from a baby. I offered to give her a long-term/forever home so she knows where her baby is.

Her name is Draco. She's 3 years old and a doll. I petsat her for a week a bit ago and was pretty sad when she went home. I lost my tortoise few months back and I really missed having a reptile in the house. (lost as in he passed away)

It's sad this community is pretty dead, are there any other reptile communities on LJ that are a bit more active?

Here's a pic I snapped of her when I was petsitting her before.

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